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Designer Wax Seal Stamps

Our wax stamps are artisan created using 100% solid brass dies and pure wood handles to ensure your seal is a work of art.  With design customization, signature sealing wax, and our exclusive engraving techniques, we are here to help you create a wax stamp as beautiful as the impression it will leave behind!


Signature Sealing Wax

Our signature sealing wax has been carefully developed by our in-house Color Lab to bring you the most beautiful range of colors possible, with the flexibility needed for the perfect wax seal.  We believe that our wax should be as beautiful as the seal you are about to create, so join us and get colorful!


Exclusive Customer Service

We are here to support your wax seal experience at every step of your design journey.  With over 25 years of experience, our team is dedicated to providing beautiful products that not only look great, but feel good too!  We are here to bring your wax seal experience to life, so let’s create something amazing together!

Shop Custom

With the largest number of custom options in the industry, we’ve pulled our most popular design options for your online buying experience.  If you are looking for custom shapes, unique sizing, or would like to work with our team to create something completely custom, simply fill out our Request Quote form and our Design Team will be in touch!


Custom Image Wax Seal Stamp
Starting at $35.00

Design created by Robinson Paperie.  Photographed by Carina Skrobeck Photography.

Monogram Wax Seal Stamp
Starting at $55.00


Single Initial Wax Seal Stamper
Starting at $35.00

Shop Designer

We have partnered with some of the most talented designers in the industry to bring you a collection of beautifully curated wax seal designs!  Celebrating each designer’s unique personality and sense of style, we are honored to showcase the work of our beloved community of designers through stunning wax seals!

A Design by Saffron Avenue

The Saffron Avenue Collection


The WaxSeals.com Creative Community


The Eliza Gwendalyn Collection

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Original Collection Sealing Wax Sticks


Vintage Sealing Wax Sticks


Designer Collection Sealing Wax Sticks

Big Hearts, Beautiful Design

Why WaxSeals.com?

We make wax seals differently.  Individually engraved by our master engravers, we strive to bring you a truly personalized wax seal experience.  Made with 100% North American materials, our wax stampers are created with solid brass dies, pure wooden handles, and the highest sealing wax quality in the industry.

We believe that your wax seal should be as beautiful as the seals it creates, which is why we are here to bring you products that you not only feel good about using, but also continue to fall in love with for projects to come!

Let's Create Something Amazing