Plume Calligraphy

A Featured Collection

Featuring the artistic works of Aileen Fretz, Plume Calligraphy creates handwritten, organic and unique designs inspired by beautiful papers, soft neutral palettes and handmade materials.  Inspired by her true love of floral illustrations and beautiful lettering, we are thrilled to introduce Aileen’s curated collection of monogram wax seals as our first Featured Collection of 2018!

Artist, Designer, and Owner, Plume Calligraphy

Meet Aileen

Trained as a graphic artist, Aileen combines calligraphic techniques and graphic design tools to create wedding stationery and brand stories that are beautifully special and unique.  Having always dreamt of becoming a stationer for wedding paper, Aileen’s creative spirit and love of her craft can be felt in every paper piece she creates.

Inspired by Aileen’s romantic script, soft and organic style, and passionate spirit, we could think of no better creative to partner with as the first Featured Collection for 2018!


“My goal is to create unique, one of a kind wedding paper for my clients!  To create something that they will look back on for years to come as a sort of heirloom that reflects who they are as a couple at the beginning of their married life.”

– Aileen Fretz, Plume Calligraphy


Paper Pieces and Inspiration by Plume Calligraphy

“I love using wax seals as frequently as possible!  Wax Seals are a beautiful way to assemble all of the wedding papers into a package for your guests to open.  Suites wrapped in silk ribbon and sealed with a monogram wax seal or a vellum wrapped package sealed with the couples’ favorite floral wreath detail.  I also love using wax seals to embellish the paper goods on the wedding day.  Place cards, escort cards, and even menus are a beautiful way to brand your paper goods from the wedding invitations through to the day of stationery.”

– Aileen Fretz, Plume Calligraphy

The Plume Calligraphy Wax Seal Collection

Available Exclusively at The Artisaire

Floral Wreaths

Inspired by Aileen’s passion for creating floral illustrations, these beautiful floral wreaths are perfect for wedding stationery, invitations, and love letters.

“Dogwood Wreath”

Salal Wreath

“Salal Wreath”

Arbor Wreath

“Arbor Wreath”

Garden Wreath

“Garden Wreath”

Casual Calligraphy Monograms

Featuring Aileen’s casual calligraphy script, these monograms have a casual, modern aesthetic with simple details in four signature layout options.

Casual Calligraphy Monogram 1

“Casual Calligraphy Monogram 1”

Casual Calligraphy Monogram 2

“Casual Calligraphy Monogram 2”

Casual Calligraphy Monogram 3

“Casual Calligraphy Monogram 3”

Casual Calligraphy Monogram 4

“Casual Calligraphy Monogram 4”

Floral Wreath Single Initials

This series of beautifully curated single initial wax seals feature Aileen’s organic floral wreath borders and casual calligraphy script.

Arbor Wreath Monogram

“Arbor Wreath Single Initial”

Bell Wreath Monogram

“Bell Wreath Single Initial”


“Fern Wreath Single Initial”

Garden Wreath Monogram

“Garden Wreath Single Initial”

Formal Calligraphy Monograms

Flourished, romantic and beautifully detailed, these Formal Calligraphy Monograms by Plume Calligraphy are available with your choice of layout below and curated border design.

Shown with the "Jasmine" Curated Border
Shown with the "Jasmine" Curated Border

“Formal Calligraphy Monogram 1”

Shown with the "Bell" Curated Border
Shown with the "Bell" Curated Border

“Formal Calligraphy Monogram 2”

Shown with the "Salal" Curated Border
Shown with the "Salal" Curated Border

“Formal Calligraphy Monogram 3”

Shown with the "Gardenia" Curated Border
Shown with the "Gardenia" Curated Border

“Formal Calligraphy Monogram 4”

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