Welcome to the Wax Seal Design Studio

Where Modern Wax Seals are Made

Welcome to the studio!

Now that you’ve decided to create your own wax seal, it’s time for the fun to begin! Whether you are making these seals for yourself or are creating them for a client, we are here to take your ideas and transform them into a truly modern wax seal experience.

With the largest Wax Seal Design Studio in the world and our very own Color Lab, it is our mission to create beautiful wax seals with the perfect design, style, and flexibility for your project!

Step One - The Basics

Wax Seal Artwork, Size & Shape, and Color

1. Choose Your Artwork: Custom, Monogram, or Designer?

Transform your company logo, custom monogram, or artistic creation into a beautifully engraved wax seal with the help of our expert Engraving Team. With a wide range of custom options, engraving depths, and expertise, we are here to help bring your custom artwork to life! When preparing your custom image, please review the following guidelines to make sure that you artwork is wax seal ready!

Custom Artwork Requirements:

  • Submit a high resolution (300 dpi), black and white vector image without shading or 3D effects.
  • .PDF or .eps formats are preferred, but we are also able to accept high quality .ai, .jpeg, and .gif files.
  • The black area in your image will be raised when pressed into the wax.
  • Please do not send images that have been inverted: our graphics team require images in their original format as you wish to see them in their final format.
  • Special Tip: Artwork with thicker lines will stand out more once pressed into wax!


Black and white vector image with no shading


Finished Wax Seal with Custom Image

From simple and elegant, to elaborate and intricate, the perfect wedding monogram wax seal can transform you invitations, envelopes, and day-of decor into a stunning masterpiece. As the design possibilities are endless, we have created a Monogram Wax Seal Design Guide with all of our design options. Not working with a designer to create your monogram – this is the perfect place to start!

Creative Community

Photo by Twinkle & Toast
Photo by Twinkle & Toast

Discover our series of signature wax seal designs created by members of our community. Featuring the work of some of the top invitation design, calligraphy, and artistic brands, explore these beautifully curated designs.

Featured Collection

Featured Collection Design by Saffron Avenue
Featured Collection Design by Saffron Avenue

Explore our newest collection featuring the work of Angela Mondloch of Saffron Avenue. This modern collection of gorgeous designs are perfect for everything from everyday use to weddings and personal branding!

2. Select Your Size and Shape

We offer 14 standard sizes in stock – starting at 1/2″ and increasing by 1/4″ up to 3″ in diameter. With custom sizes, and extra large sizes available, we ask that you provide us with as much information about your project as possible!

Whether you are looking for a simple monogram, or an intricate crest or corporate logo, our Design and Engraving Teams will work to transform your artwork into beautiful wax seals.

Important Sizing Information:

  • Sizes are listed by the diameter of the wax seal die used to create your wax seals
  • When making your wax seals (self adhesive or hand stamped), an additional 1/8″ to 1/4″ will be added to the final size of your seal once pressed into wax. This edge/bleed will vary based on technique, and product selected.
  • Our 3/4″ round size is slightly larger than a North American dime, and our 1″ round size is approximately the size of a North American quarter.

When designing your wax seal, creating the perfect shape is an important element to consider! We love working with classic, round wax seals, but also love experimenting with a wide range of specialty and custom shapes as well. Whether you are looking for a modern twist on a classic look or want something more traditional, the only limit is your imagination!

Some of our most common shapes include: Round, Square, Oval, Rectangle, and Custom!

3. Pick the Perfect Wax Color

When it comes to wax seals, color can make a bold statement! We absolutely love color, which is why we have created 72 signature sealing wax colors, as well as a wide range of custom wax services to make sure you find the perfect color to compliment your design!

Whether you plan to use your wax seals for invitations, packaging, or a combination of the two, our wax colors come in a wide range of colors that are flexible, durable, and made in-house to ensure you receive the perfect wax for your project. We invite you to explore our color collections below, or visit our Colors page for more detailed information on each collection and get colorful!

Custom Color Matching Services

Looking to create the perfect match for your wax seals? Work with our in-house Color Lab to develop a custom sealing wax color that is matched perfectly to your project. Simply send us a coated Pantone Number, or ask us about sending a physical sample to match to, and our team will get started!

Step Two - Add the Finishing Touches

Select Your Style of Wax Seal to Continue

Self Adhesive Wax Seals

Our self adhesive wax seals are individually pressed into real wax and finished with an adhesive backing by our team of wax seal experts. Easy-to-use, and photo-ready, our peel and stick seals have the look and feel of a hand-made seals, but save you the time needed to perfect your wax seal technique!

We know just how busy you are – which is why we are here to take care of the details. Work with our team to create the perfect look for your seals, and spend more time creating the masterpiece it will go on!

How to Add the Finishing Touch to your Wax Seals

Stylize Your Seals

Creating the perfect look isn’t easy, but when it comes to creating the perfect edge for your wax seal – we’ve got you covered! With two distinct styles of edge types, we can create your seals with as uniform an edge, or as organic of an edge as you’d like! We love self-adhesive seals for just this reason – simply tell us the type of look you would like for your finished seals, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Regular Edge

Uniform style for a consistent look from seal to seal

Consistent appearance from seal to seal for a uniform look.

Irregular Edge

Organic style for a unique look from seal to seal

Irregular EdgeOrganic style for a unique look from seal to seal.

Add the Perfect Adhesive

Formulated by our team, our adhesive has been carefully crafted to give you a strong, secure hold. As our adhesive types are all based on the type of material you will be adhering your seals to, we highly recommend working directly with our Design Team if you have specific requirements for your project!


Ideal for single application use on light uncoated and untextured paper, or light cardstock only. Included in our base pricing.

Professional Grade Adhesive

Ideal for smooth surfaces including thick cardstock, wedding invitations, ribbon, plastic, textured paper, vellum, glass, glossy surfaces, and metal. We highly recommend using our Professional Grade Adhesive when mailing your seals, or for any curved application such as packaging or bottles. Upgrades apply.


Apply, remove, and re-stick your wax seals 3-5 times from stationery or packaging without damaging the surface underneath! We recommend placing seals with this adhesive on the inside of an outer, protective envelope if mailing. Upgrades apply.


Working on a special project and don’t need to add adhesive to your seals? Just let our team know, and we will send you pure wax seals without any adhesive backings. Included in base pricing.

Ready to Create Something Beautiful?

Wax Seal Stampers

Create a DIY wax seal experience with your very own custom wax seal stamper and sealing wax! Perfect for the DIY bride or superstar crafter, all of our wax seal stampers are made with a solid brass die, and a modern wooden handle. Pair with your favorite sealing wax color, and get started on your crafting project!

How to Add the Finishing Touches

Start with your Die Type

Standard Die

Great for simple artwork or DIY projects, our standard dies have a thinner profile and are recommended for simple artwork and small batch stamping only.

Designer Die

Made of 100% solid brass, our Designer Dies are perfect for custom stamps, logos, or complex designs where you will be making several wax seals at a time.

Permanent Die

Made with 100% solid brass and permanently attached to one of our Permanent Style Wooden Handles, these dies have been carefully designed for large sizes and custom shapes.

Then Select a Matching Handle