The Finest
Wax Stamps

Engraved from pure brass our stamps are perfect for the bride and groom to be, wedding stationery expert, or craft aficionado to create the perfect wax seal.  

Let your creativity flourish.

Mail treasured correspondence to your loved ones with a beautiful and personal touch. By elevating your announcement with a wax seal you take extra care to show your loved ones their importance in your life.

The Perfect Pairing

With over 25 years of experience manufacturing Wax Seal Stamps and Sealing Waxes we’ve create the perfect system for your invites.

Perfect Clarity.

Present a wax seal that creates a statement. Excite your guests with fine detail that captures your vision. We use pure engraver's brass to provide exceptional detail in our stamps.

Fully Mailable.

Ensure every letter is as exciting as the last. The modern post system puts stress on wax seals leaving most other wax seals broken on arrival. Our sealing wax has added flexibility enhancers so your wax seals will arrive intact.

Largest Color Range.

Choose from a color selection that will leave you inspired, and color match to your theme. Our sealing wax comes in over 60 beautifully blended colors giving you the largest selection of any wax seal company.

Our Difference

Fast, high quality service.

Our entire process is done by us. From sealing wax to wax seals we own our entire process. No middle-men or out-sourcing that increases costs or timelines.

Exclusive Products

We have leveraged over 25 years of experience with wax seals to create our own line of products. Our expert line is only offered by us, and our partners.

Quality Products

Every product is made to order and individually inspected 3 times before it is sent out to you. Nothing is produced in batches and left to get damaged in a storage facility.

What our designers say

For Personal Use

Artisaire, our online retail brand works with 30+ designers to bring you beautiful wax seals for any occassion. Custom service available as well.

For Creative Business

Our Wholesale Program is created for Studios, Photographers, and creative businesses to add wax seals to their business. Enjoy better product access and pricing.

For Branding

Have your brand stand out with wax seals, our branding program is for packaging and promotions. With high and low volume options available.