Her Hazel Eyes

A WaxSeals.com Featured Collection

Featuring the work of Desiree Ferdig, hand-letterer, designer, and passionate creative behind Her Hazel Eyes, it is our absolute pleasure to introduce you all to our newest Featured Collection for 2017!

This two-part collection includes a series of fall-inspired wax seals, personalized holiday monograms, and some fabulous seasonal designs.  Created in Desiree’s signature lettering an illustration style, we are so honored to have partnered with Desiree and the Her Hazel Eyes brand to create this special Featured Collection!

Desiree Ferdig

Meet Desiree

From an early age, Desiree has always been learning and creating new ways of sharing her joyous spirit with others.  Having started her own brand two years ago, Desiree works with both the everyday person as well as the maker in search of personalized designs for their brand.  Known for her iconic lettering style and detailed illustrations, we couldn’t think of a better person to partner with for our first Holiday Featured Collection!


Hi, I’m Desiree – the heart & hands behind Her Hazel Eyes.  I create visual art in the form of letters and illustration.  My work is a huge extension of me and I need every design to reflect that joy.  Life is hard and if I can create something that leaves an individual feeling lifted and valued, then I’m accomplishing what I set out to do every day.

The Fall Series

A collection of autumn-inspired wax seals

“Autumn Leaves”

Starting at $35.00

“Harvest Maple”

Starting at $35.00


Starting at $35.00

The Holiday Collection

An Exclusive Sneak Peek

This two-part Featured Collection includes a series of holiday wax seals inspired by Desiree’s love of the season, which we will be launching very soon!  Until then, we wanted to share this exclusive sneak peek of some of the fabulous designs to come!

Celebrating the spirit of giving and Desiree’s love of wrapping presents, these Holiday Monogram Wax Seals are the perfect way to elevate your gift-wrapping game, decorate your holiday table, or add to your family’s holiday greeting cards!

Holiday Monogram – Style 1

Starting at $70.00

Holiday Monogram – Style 2

Starting at $70.00

Holiday Monogram – Style 3

Starting at $70.00

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The Colors

Inspired by Desiree’s brand colors and her favorite holiday shades, these Featured Collection colors have been carefully chosen to reflect the warmth of the season.  Including some of our favorite fall and holiday sealing wax colors such as Traditional Red, Antique Gold, and Antique Pearl, Desiree has added some new, modern sealing wax colors to her collection as well including: Rose Gold, Obsidian, and Green 7727 Pearl!

Antique Gold

Antique Copper


Antique Pearl

Traditional Red

Green 7727 Pearl

Rose Gold


How Will You Elevate Your Holiday Gift Wrapping Game?