Wax Color Collections

We are pleased to introduce you to our 72 sealing wax colors inspired by our incredible clients! Each of these sealing wax colors have been carefully crafted by our team to deliver a unique combination of texture, finish, and flexibility for your self-adhesive wax seals. As each collection is unique and color will vary between monitors, we highly recommend ordering pre-production samples, or purchasing our Design & Color Guide to find the perfect wax color  for your project!  We also offer a wide range of custom Pantone color matching services to create the perfect wax color match for your brand, packaging, or invitations.  Contact our team for more information!

Full of old world charm, our original collection includes our most popular wax colors from the past 25 years! Custom wax seals created from this collection are made from our House Wax Formula which delivers our highest level of flexibility and a glossy finish. Perfect for curved surfaces, packaging, bottles, and DIY projects, pair wax seals from our Original Collection with our Professional Grade Adhesive for the perfect addition to any brand! Custom wax seal stickers from this collection are included in our base pricing.

Dark Red
Metallic Gold
Metallic Silver
Bright White
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Inspired by our passion for vintage design, this collection features our series of antique wax colors. Created using our Traditional Wax Formula, this collection is rich in texture and depth to create elegant seals that are perfect for your wedding invitations, stationery, and special projects. Upgrade fees may apply.

Traditional Red
Antique Pearl
Traditional Gold
Antique Gold
Antique Copper
Pearl Chocolate
Antique Silver
Traditional Black
custom wax seal stampers
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Express your personal style using our beautifully modern wax color collection. Each color has been inspired by current trends in the fashion, bridal, and packaging industries. Complete your modern wedding invitation or DIY project with one of our specialty wax sealing colors that will bring your personality to life! Upgrade fees may apply.

white wax seals
Soft White
Warm Stone
custom wax seal
Aqua Mist
custom wax seals
Tiffany Blue
champagne sealing wax
rose gold wax seals
Rose Gold
Marsala wax seals
grey color wax seals
Classic Grey
grey sealing wax
Chelsea Grey
grey wax seal sticker
Slate Grey
Grey wax seals
Night Grey
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Inspired by our incredible clients, we are pleased to introduce our Designer Wax Collection. Below you will find ten of our favorite designer colors, each with your choice of 4 unique finishes to create the perfect look! All of our wax colors from this collection are made from our Traditional Wax Formula which has a higher wax content for a luxurious color and vibrant finish. Our Designer Collection can be created for your order within 1-2 business days. Upgrade fees may apply.

yellow wax stickers
Yellow 116 Classic
custom wax seals
Yellow 116 Pearl
Yellow 116 Satin
Yellow 116 Pastel
wax stamp stickers
Orange 1505 Classic
wax seal sticker
Orange 1505 Pearl
custom wax seal sticker
Orange 1505 Satin
self adhesive wax seals
Orange 1505 Pastel
orange wax seals
Orange 179 Classic
custom orange wax seals
Orange 179 Pearl
Orange Wax Seal
Orange 179 Satin
Orange 179 Pastel
red wax seal
Red 220 Classic
red wax seal sticker
Red 220 Pearl
wax seal stamp
Red 220 Satin
pink wax seal sticker
Red 220 Pastel
custom wax seals
Red 232 Classic
pink custom wax seal sticker
Red 232 Pearl
Red 232 Satin
pink wax sticker
Red 232 Pastel
Purple wax seal sticker
Violet 2685 Classic
violet custom wax seals
Violet 2685 Pearl
self adhesive wax seals
Violet 2685 Satin
custom wax seal stamps
Violet 2685 Pastel
Blue wax seal
Blue 280 Classic
blue wax seal sticker
Blue 280 Pearl
pre made wax seals
Blue 280 Satin
custom wax seal stamp
Blue 280 Pastel
custom wax seal
Blue 307 Classic
Wax stickers
Blue 307 Pearl
Blue 307 Satin
Blue 307 Pastel
Green 334 Classic
Green 334 Pearl
Green 334 Satin
Green 334 Pastel
Green 7727 Classic
Green 7727 Pearl
Green 7727 Satin
Green 7727 Pastel
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Looking for our Legacy Wax Colors?

We will continue to offer legacy colors from our Premium and House Wax Collections until December 31st, 2017. As we have a limited inventory available, legacy colors are available on re-orders only.  If you are looking for a specific color or exact color match, our Color Lab can create custom wax using your Pantone Number or physical color sample.  Please contact our Design Team directly for more information!