Logos Calligraphy

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About Logos Calligraphy

Younghae Chung of Logos Calligraphy & Design is a left-handed calligrapher based in Irvine, California.  Known for her beautiful copperplate calligraphy, Spencerian design, and watercolor floral accents, Younghae creates unique and original pieces for her clients around the world.

Meet Younghae


“My style is sophisticated, classy, and romantic.  I’m drawn to muted colors (blue, gold, gray, and blush are some of my favorites) and love flourishing traditional scripts.”

Copperplate enthusiast and talented artist, Younghae takes inspiration from the world around her to create expressive works of art.  Whether creating a beautifully addressed envelope, designing a marriage certificate, or curating a custom watercolor piece, Younghae’s eye for beautiful design and attention to detail can be felt in every piece she creates.  An advocate for the art of pointed pen, Younghae is also known for her fabulous workshops around Southern California and online courses where she shares her expertise and passion with fellow creatives around the world.

Three Things Younghae Couldn’t Live Without: Faith, family, and her art supplies.

Introducing "Garden Rose"

A design by Logos Calligraphy 

“Ever since I started this journey, I’ve become more sensitive and aware of my surroundings.  So, whether it’s taking a walk, having a conversation with my son, reading a book, or listening to a song, it’s the small, but meaningful things that inspire me to journal, sketch or write.”

-Younghae Chung