Calligraphy Katrina

A 2018 Creative Community Member

About Calligraphy Katrina

Known for their modern approach to classical calligraphy, Calligraphy Katrina provides calligraphy services for corporate, bridal, and lifestyle brands.

With a portfolio including hand letter, addressing, stationery, and home goods, Calligraphy Katrina’s stunning work has become a pillar in the wedding industry since their founding in 2007.

Meet Katrina

Owner and artist behind the brand you may also know Katrina as “The Queen of Mirrors”.

A true pioneer of mixed medium and mirror lettering, Katrina uses her signature calligraphy style to create works of art for the luxury wedding and fashion industries.

Passionate about support other to use their artistic voice, we couldn’t be more honored to have Katrina join us as a member of our 2018 Creative Community.

Introducing "Thinking of You"

A Signature Design by Calligraphy Katrina
“I wanted a piece that could be used year round for any type of occasion or thought. “Thinking of You” is the perfect way to add a special touch to a letter or gift for a holiday, birthday, or just because!” -Katrina Centeno-Nguyen, Calligraphy Katrina