Welcome to the Color Lab

Our Story

With big hearts and a tiny canvas, we are committed to creating beautiful products that you can feel good about.  Dedicated to creating high quality wax that is as beautiful and it is safe to use, we have spent the last 7 years creating our very own signature wax blend using 100% North American sourced raw materials in our in-house, state-of-the-art Color Lab.  Whether you are looking for wax for your wedding invitations, stationery, or packaging – we promise to send you only the most luxurious, flexible, and oil-free wax you can find!

Having outsourced wax for years, our clients consistently asked us to create wax that would keep its color when melted, would adhere to any surface without oily residue, and was flexible enough for their modern application needs.  In 2010, we began our own wax manufacturing journey to create wax that was not only free of harsh chemicals and oily residue, but full of the color, flexibility, and integrity needed to create perfect wax seals.

Over the past seven years, we have perfected our signature wax blend, launched an exclusive collection of signature colors, and re-defined the wax industry with the development of our innovative scented and Eco-friendly wax collections!   Our signature wax blend is perfect for everything from peel and stick wax seals, DIY wax seals, sealing wax, bottling wax, or any other use imaginable!  Work with our team to begin your very own custom wax journey and experience how we do wax differently!

Our Colors

We love color, which is why we have created 72 signature sealing wax colors inspired by the work of our incredible clients and current industry trends.  Using our internal color matching system, we have developed a wide range of wax colors of our signature sealing wax for beautifully vibrant wax seals.  As each batch of wax is created by our Color Lab, we provide the highest intensity of color and consistency in the industry.

Custom Color Wax and Custom Wax Blends

We take custom wax to the next level by offering a wide range of Custom Color Pantone Matching and Wax Development Services to pair your brand with the perfect wax.  Create the perfect color with your very own batch of custom colored wax, or work with us to develop a custom wax formula with the perfect balance of form and function for your packaging needs!  With all wax developed in-house, we are here to deliver the wax for your brand and design needs – without the intensive cost or development time of internal R&D.  Our Color Lab experts and Design Consultants will work with you to develop the perfect wax for your needs – simply tell us your vision and we will create a solution!

Our Color Promise

We do what we love and love what we do, and are committed to creating products that support a happy and more beautiful world.  Dedicated to customer service and beautiful design, we invite you to join us in our wax seal journey and explore the many ways that we do wax differently.  We strive to create new ways to wax seal that fits your needs, which is why we invite you to share your feedback, ideas, and inspiration so that we can continue developing new products for your wax seal experience!  Join our mission for beautiful design and a beautiful world by doing wax differently with WaxSeals.com.

We Do Wax Differently

Let us show you how!

Eco Wax

Inspired by our passion for creating beautiful wax and a more beautiful world, our Color Lab has reinvented traditional wax manufacturing practices by creating a stunning blend of sealing wax made from 100% recycled and re-purposed materials created during our own manufacturing process.

Through the development of our wax recycling system, our Color Lab has reduced the traditional footprint of a wax seal by transforming excess wax into beautiful glue-gun style sealing wax that is perfect for any brand, occasion, or application.

Featuring a series of limited edition colors inspired by nature, we encourage you to explore this new collection and create beautiful wax seals with a tiny footprint.  We believe it takes a world of change to move mountains, which is why we want to do our part and share our Eco Wax Collection with you.

Scented Wax

As the exclusive supplier and innovator of scented sealing wax in the industry, we have been developing the ability to infuse wax with scent for years.  Through the development of our signature wax blend and collaboration with our partners in the fragrance industry, we are now able to create custom scented wax for brands and companies around the world.

With the help of our Design Consultants and Color Lab, we will work with your brand to transform your signature scent into a perfectly customized wax line that will engage your clients and deliver a truly innovative approach to modern packaging.

Whether you are looking to integrate your own signature fragrance or develop a custom scent that is completely unique, we encourage you to share your vision with our team so that we can develop the perfect wax for your brand.