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What a launch week it’s been!  We couldn’t be more excited to share our newest Featured Collection with you created by designer and calligrapher, Angela Mondloch of Saffron Avenue.  Modern, dramatic, and inspired by her love of transforming calligraphy into modern branding – this collection of designs is totally drool worthy (trust us, we haven’t stopped)!

Today we’re sitting down with Angela to share a little bit more behind this gorgeous collection!  With three unique styles of designs – this collection includes adorable sayings for every day use, simple monograms for your wedding, and (our personal favorite of course…) Angela’s carefully curated personal branding and custom monogram designs!

The Collection

Perfect for your invitations, gift wrapping, thank you cards, and journal flourishing – the first set of designs in our collection is the “Sayings by Saffron Avenue” series.  Playful and perfect for so many different projects…we’re having a hard time picking a favorite!  Inspired by Angela’s love for wax seals, she wanted to create something that could be used for more than just weddings & branding – she wanted to create a reason to use wax seals every day!

Created in her signature calligraphy style, these adorable phrases include classics such as: “Enjoy”, “Thank You”, and “With Love”, as well as playful creations such as “Top Secret”, “Not a Bill”, and “Your Eyes Only”.

Lovely Letters

Angela’s second series of designs includes some truly beautiful lettering.  These letters are the perfect way to add elegance to your wedding invitations or personal correspondence!  Complete with two single initial designs and a double wedding-style monogram, we’ve fallen in love with this combo of flourished calligraphy and geometric design!

Deluxe Custom Monograms

Last, but certainly not least, the final series of designs of the Saffron Avenue Collection are the Deluxe Custom Monograms.  Inspired by Angela’s work with branding and logo design, she wanted to bring a modern approach to the classic wedding monogram by playing with a combination of sans serif and modern calligraphy styling.

These monograms can be customized for your wedding monogram or your personal branding – the choice is yours!

Featured Colors

Like any great wax seal, color is an essential design component!  With a passion for subtle neutrals, balanced with bright white and pops of color – the colors that Angela chose for the heart of her brand are stunning!

We LOVE the colors you chose for the Collection!  Can you tell us about why you chose the colors you did?

I’m a bit obsessed too!  I’m such a big fan of subtle neutrals, so when I spotted some of my favorite colors, I couldn’t help but fall in love!  I tried to think about their use across the board as well.  Having a few classic colors like gold, silver, black and blush, as well as a few more modern colors like white and peachy pink, felt like the perfect balance.  Not only that, but who doesn’t love the mix of gold and pink!

Photo by Kari Ann Co.

Shop Talk

Now, it’s time for some shop talk!  We’re sitting down with Angela to learn more about her beautiful collection and where the inspiration came from!

Hi Angela, thank so much for chatting!  I know everyone is dying to hear more about your Featured Collection and where your inspiration came from?

I don’t think I can tell you enough about how excited I am about this collection!  I’ve had so many clients, from business owners to brides, who have searched for wax seals that matched their more modern style, but couldn’t find one unless it was custom made.  By collaborating with you guys on a featured collection like this, they finally have those options!

I also love that we are able to offer wax seals that include my own calligraphy, which has a more modern style that blends so seamlessly into the tradition of wax seals!


If you could only pick three words to describe your collection, what would they be?

  1. Modern
  2. Simplistic
  3. Practical


What inspired you to create your own wax seal collection?

I’ve adored wax seals for a while and would help my branding clients to create their own custom seals using their logo.  As I started to design more and more custom stationery for weddings and events, I never found self adhesive seals or stamps that fit my modern style.  Creating a custom collection allows me to blend the tradition of wax seals with a modern touch!


Was there something that inspired the designs themselves?

A lot of it came from the styles I’ve created in the past for projects, but also were inspired by my followers who were asking for playful sayings on wax seals.  They were a big part of creating those parts of my collection!


What do you like about wax seals and why do you think people should use them if they don’t already?

I love the tradition behind wax seals and the beauty of the process.  Not only that, but taking that traditional style and blending it with modern style calligraphy makes something old feel totally new again!

Angela’s Tips & Tricks

Do you have any wax seal tips or tricks that you’d like to share with our readers?

For the peel and stick wax seals, I try to angle them various ways (which gives a more natural look) and for stamping, I try to not over heat the wax as I don’t like it when it starts to boil too much and cause bubbles!


For all of our brides (and grooms)-to-be out there who are in the process of planning their wedding, what advice would you give them about designing their invitations?  Is there a timeline you typically follow?

Actually, I always love when brides reach out to me about 8-12 months before their wedding for a few reasons – it allows us a more relaxed time frame and also provides enough time for me to design their save the dates as well!

I love when the Save The Date matches the overall wedding style and by planning ahead and hiring your stationer early, you are able to make it happen!


Now, we have to ask – are you on Team Self Adhesive or Team Stamper?

Ha, because I don’t do large quantities of sealing, I’m Team Stamper all the way!  For brides, I would definitely recommend peel and stick (as it will save SO much time), but if you are like me and only have a handful of items to seal, I would go with a stamper.

The entire stamping process is also a stress reliever for me…watching the wax melt and pour is quite mesmerizing!

We’re so thrilled to be able to introduce you all to this lovely lady, and share a bit more information about the designs and inspiration behind the collection!  With many more exciting designs and style to come, we cannot wait to hear your feedback and thoughts about this stunning collection!

Giveaway Alert!

If you’ve been swooning over the designs from our new collection and want one of your own – be sure to head over to our Instagram page and follow the details below to enter!  Winner of our giveaway will receive a “With Love” stamp, 5 sticks of bright white wax, and 5 custom written notecards with matching envelopes created by Angela herself!

To Enter:

  1. Follow @saffronavenue and @waxseals (if you don’t already!).
  2. Like our latest pic on Instagram.
  3. Head on over to Angela’s page @saffronavenue and follow the instructions on her most recent post to enter!

Contest closes tomorrow (Friday July 14th) at 6pm!  Winner will be announced on Monday!

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